Start Up

Start Up

NELCOM Group is a business development platform specialized in Information Technology Consultancy.

 The purpose of the Startup entity is the development of large-scale projects in the Middle East market. The startups of today are key actors in jobs creation. They feed on the ideas of those believing in the need to generate wealth and offer new solutions.

The global offer of startups is founded on a business architecture structured into 4 axes: The idea design, the implementation, the financing and the startup management.

NELCOM Group is also a laboratory for ideas where we imagine the startups of tomorrow based on concepts with guaranteed future prospects. We define ideas, conduct market and feasibility studies, define a concept along with its technological implementation and we conduct the financial study and the human organization. Once your project is born, we ensure its development (business development, communication, management etc.).

NELCOM Group consultants are tuned to society changes and the emergence of new needs, genuine and not fabricated, thus sustainable. They support thereafter defining new services responding to the real needs of today’s and tomorrow’s consumers.

By supporting the startups offering these needs, NELCOM Group seeks to make the economic landscape a much better ethical world supported by sustainable jobs and meaningful relationships.

NELCOM Group puts its knowledge and skills, as well as those of its partners, at the service of these new businesses to help them establish themselves in the market on the long-term.