Omnichannel Strategy

Omnichannel Strategy

The number one concern of mass distribution leaders is upgrading to an omnichannel approach, the biggest digital challenge of today.

Relying on the expertise of these 3 agencies in the field of new technologies, e-marketing, social media and communication, NELCOM Group has now developed an offer to support enterprises on their journey of transformation from A to Z.

The offer is focused on the following 3 pillars:

  • Generating the engagement of the client with the brand
  • Improving the brand’s visibility
  • Increasing sales

Via all necessary channels, physical and digital.

NELCOM Group consultants support your brands and enterprises through a 360° offer, based on the following pillars:  

  • Building your marketing and digital strategy
  • Adapting your information system (API and Architecture SI Definition, Integration, Security, Agility, Monitoring)
  • Designing and developing your mobile applications “Shopping Companion”, your online catalogue and e-commerce websites (with a secure API access) while offering you “infinite rays”.
  • Ensuring the launch of applications and services as well as the engagement on your social media platform while helping you elaborate a relevant communication strategy. 
  • Offering system tracking and maintenance services, technical surveillance and activity dashboards.

While applying a 3 pillars methodology, in order to:

  • Take advantage of the existing experiences to offer the clients an additional value
  • Integrate components to offer an end-to-end solution
  • Implement omnichannel concepts to offer a complete story

Our integration offer is backed by a three-tier architecture:

  • Front end: mobile and web applications
  • API selection and integration
  • Back-end (OMS,…)

Our intervention covers all technological aspects:

  • Identity security and management
  • Monitoring
  • Secure access to existing applications, without modifications

All according to a flexible architecture.