Mobile Business Solution

Mobile Business Solution

No piece of consumer technology has ever been seen as more vital as the mobile is today. With this piece of technology always at your customers side, and more likely in their hand, ensuring it can be used to your advantage is essential.

Furthermore, the inherent technology of these devices lends themselves better to the goals of advertising and business promotion than the television or radio ever dreamed of.

It was important. Now it’s essential.

The statistics on smartphone usage worldwide compared to personal computer use shows that significantly more Internet activity is done on a phone rather than a computer or laptop.

In order to ensure the visibility of your business it is essential that you take care to maintain a well-developed appearance on mobile devices, while also using their features to your advantage by every means possible.

Mobile marketing gives your business all the benefits of traditional marketing techniques while doing a better job of three primary things: getting you in touch with potential customers, building relationships with current customers and providing you with up to the minute feedback on your work or general online advertising campaign.

Proximity Agency incorporates geofencing, location based marketing, and other mobile advertising solutions to ensure your business is able to utilize current trends and technologies as tools for your company’s growth. The agency develops those mobile solutions in the framework of your global marketing strategies.

Mobile solutions

Mobile site and applications: We develop sites and applications that are optimized for various platforms to ensure the goals of your mobile strategies are met while providing your customers with well designed and easy to use mobile content that will also further their relationship with your brand.

Location Based Marketing Services (LBMS)
Proximity Agency can develop marketing solutions for your company that utilize geo location features inherent in modern mobiles to provide the most relevant and useful content to your customers. The ability to utilize a customer’s location, and constant Internet connection as part of a marketing strategy can be done by Proximity Agency in a number of ways.

  • Coupons: Coupons for people that pass through or frequent a certain area can be sent out to further promote your business.
  • Social plugin integration: Our location based marketing solutions can be integrated with your social media marketing tools to provide further interaction amongst the various social media platforms you use to promote your business.
  • Mobile polling/surveys: Receive consumer feedback or input, based upon customers that are in a certain area at a specific time to learn more about different niches of your clientele.
  • Sale alerts: Help your customers by alerting them to various sales, specials or events that may be happening in their area or in places they tend to frequent.
  • Customer appointment notification: If your business relies upon appointments or reservation, systems can be set up to remind clients to make a reservation when they’re in the area, or that they may be late or not make it to an appointment, as based upon their current location.

Geo Fencing: Geo Fencing works with location based marketing solutions to develop a structure for how you will utilize an individual’s geo location to your advantage. Through this a location or area is designated with a specific trigger, and a corresponding action that will occur follow a specific trigger.

Triggers: Triggers are what cause your specific location based marketing strategy to take effect. These are all linked to a specific area, and the various triggers can be based upon entering or exiting an area, being inside or outside an area, the individuals speed, or the proximity to another active device, among other possible variables.

Database management and Data mining: The social media strategy you have likely already implemented, as well as the addition of a location based marketing strategy develops an immense amount of information concerning your clients, what they like and some of their habits. Proximity Agency uses this information within the process of data mining to provide you with more information about your customers, what they like and improve current marketing strategies.

QR code campaigns: QR codes can quickly get users to a specific site or function of your online business strategy. We can incorporate QR codes to work with a larger campaign or create a QR code marketing campaign to increase the visibility of your business or new features of your online strategy.

Mobile insight: As society continues to become increasingly and constantly connected through the use of mobile applications and technologies it will become ever more essential for your business to use  these developments to your advantage.