E-Commerce Strategy

E-Commerce Strategy

E-commerce is now an integral part of our everyday life. From an economic standpoint, it’s one of the most dynamic sectors in the world.

We’re inviting you to take advantage of our extensive expertise in mobile solutions as most purchases will soon be carried out via smartphones.

However, the importance of e-commerce strategy doesn’t lie in determining the number of transactions carried out via a mobile phone. It now lies in determining the way consumers interact with your product or offer using their smartphones; whether to locate stores, find information about your brand or to purchase a service: that’s where our expertise in omnichannel strategies takes on its full significance.

We can thus offer you multidimensional solutions in terms of electronic commerce.


One of our goals is allowing you to transform the communities you’ve acquired through social media into new clients. This process begins by studying these communities and determining the means by which we can draw their attention, engage them with your brand and ensure their loyalty to drive them, afterwards, towards your e-commerce platform.  This is your social media strategy monetization.

To achieve monetization, thus effective sales, Proximity Agency approaches your business with a 3-step method where ecommerce transforms your digital strategy into a significant means for profit.

Advice & Planning: Our consultants analyze your business and products versus your target communities to suggest the most suitable e-commerce strategy, before planning the process of implementation that is most appropriate to your business type, size, and budget.

Implementation: This process begins with the e-commerce website design and development where an innovative designers and proficient developers provide your brand the finest user interface, reliable hosting, an ingenuous user experience and secure payment methods. After technical implementation, marketing experts at Proximity Agency ensure that your site has a successful launch and targets your desired communities through social media, search engine optimization, digital advertising, and an ongoing list of possible means to utilize depending on your business needs.

Management and Result Tracking: Once your ecommerce website is up and running, our staff will be dedicated to manage your information and products, while also following up on all the details to keep your site running flawlessly Furthermore, analytics and result tracking keep you well informed regarding everything that is happening concerning traffic, customer statistics, conversion rates and other relevant information.  This will enable you to make better decisions for marketing decision and develop more efficient performance


Whether you’re launching a new e-commerce venture or seeking to improve your existing business, we offer you a comprehensive platform that enables you to stand out from the crowd.

Our reliable solutions incorporate mobile internet and omnichannel strategies always with a vision to help you improve the client experience, your brand image and increase client conversions. In a virtuous circle, your platform integration into your social media channels will in turn enables you to further engage users with your brand.