Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

The biggest challenges communication professionals face today can be summarized as the following: deliver a content that is sure to attract the consumer attention while granting him an ongoing access to it with the ability to switch from one screen to another, from one media to another and from online to offline. NELCOM group interdisciplinary teams respond to these challenges to strive in every mission.

Two main obstacles shall henceforth be constantly avoided. The evident first one: the everlasting lack of user’s confidence in the message the brand wish communicating. The second new obstacle: the user can now block this message.

Reinventing the relation

In response to the distrust, the brand shall reestablish/ restore strong relations with the consumer.

Since 2008, social media channels paved the way for brands to achieve these relations by engaging with their clients in the famous “conversation”.

Social Aim agency experts, part of NELCOM group, elaborate and define social media strategies that are sure to bring the customer and the brand together in order to recreate these confidence relations.

The strategies invented also allow communicating the brand’s message through captivating stories.

Captivating the user

Today as in the past, the user feels harassed by advertising messages. While the major change to which the experts should respond is the user’s ability, nowadays, to avoid these message and ensure receiving only the content he wishes receiving.

  • Stick a “stop pub” sign on his mailbox in his building
  • Activate add blockers on the websites
  • Exert pressure on the municipalities’ representatives elected to remove or restrict ad panels in certain areas (downtown for example).

In response to these behaviors, brands no longer have a choice. They should get rid of the “undesired” content and go for a content highly interesting for consumer.  That’s exactly why brands have adopted storytelling approach. The main difficulty today lies in telling stories that are sure to attract the consumer to the extent where he feels he wants and needs to follow these stories through. In a world full of “stories”, how can you make sure your story will be heard?

Sketch and Social Aim agencies brainstorm every single day on content that’s sure to touch consumer heart and mind. The secret ingredient lies in the added value the story offers to the listener.

Ensuring a continuity between all screens, all media

The user must be allowed to find these stories on all platforms invading his everyday life. Whether it’s the mobile, PC, tablet, loss leaders in stores…Continuity is key. The message continuity through all platforms and the customer journey continuity at the same time, all rooted in Omnichannel strategies elaborated by Social Aim.

Mounting an Omnichannel campaign requires not only a specific strategy and message development know-how, but also a technical know-how to successfully implement these strategies; a key strength of Proximity Agency teams.