Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Our multidisciplinary Content Marketing Team boasts of creative and expert journalists, video makers, photographs and marketers, always brainstorming in collaboration with our agencies Social Aim and Sketch. The content is created for the sole purpose of touching the minds, hearts and feet of targeted customers.

Our content is not only creative, it also helps the brand revolutionize its Search Engine Optimization strategy.


Advertising has become an all too present piece of modern life. For this reason brand content has had continually growing success in recent years. There are two options for letting your video or content be seen today. Your business can pay the hefty price for TV ads or billboards, of which much of your audience will simply fast forward or ignore your message.

The other option is to disseminate worthwhile content and videos in order for your ads to become popularized on their own through various social media outlets. Of course these pieces must have a certain amount of entertainment value, but lightening up on the advertising side can often prove valuable. Your audience is more likely to remember these ads and within the realm of social media this content can become popularized well beyond any TV ad or billboard at a fraction of the cost.


Our staff of writers, videographers and designers go to work developing a strategy or single piece to help popularize your brand. One of the most common types of brand content is video, so in this case scripts are written and all the necessary planning is incorporated. If actors are needed, agencies are contacted, locations are reserved and any equipment we don’t already have in house is acquired. Social Aim Videographers then begin the filming and editing, giving you content and incorporating your feedback in a timely manner.

Whether you’re looking to create branded content through video, articles or photography, our skilled staff is ready to entertain your audience while informing them of your brand and what your company is all about.


Social Aim community managers work with the content created to ensure it doesn’t fall on deaf ears. In targeting your audience, and popularizing your branded content on a plethora of social media platforms your business’ name will continue to grow with every share, like and Tweet.

The ability for brand content to popularize itself is one of the mediums best attributes, however without the right start it isn’t likely to travel far beyond your own social media pages. Experts in this field amongst the Social Aim staff will ensure the popularization of your content, which will benefit your brand’s online presence as a whole.