Université Libano-Française (ULF Metn)

Université Libano-Française (ULF Metn)

ULF Metn is a new university located just half an hour drive north of Beirut. The university offers the local families an alternative to Beirut big universities, which are more expensive and distant. This new institution entered a highly competitive market, as universities are springing up everywhere in Lebanon.

ULF Metn resorted to NELCOM Group to:

  • Elaborate a digital strategy that’s sure to position the university, from scratch, as a credible institution in terms of education quality while highlighting the affordable cost of a quality education
  • Help recruit new students

The proposed solution is based on an interconnected digital platform covering the web, mobile, social media, emails, CRM and extranet.

  • This solution granted the student, via a “single sign-in”, an access to the platform set: blog, institutional site, extranet site, mobile application and Facebook page…
  • This solution allowed ULF Metn to position itself as a forward-thinking institution thanks to this unique digital platform in Lebanon, which places the student at the center of its marketing thinking.
  • It has also boosted the recruitment of the number of students needed to launch the university.