Ma3koum Campaign

Ma3koum Campaign

Ma3koum campaign targeted Syrians outside of Syria via a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a YouTube channel. The campaign seeks to raise and spread awareness about the mission, work and achievements of the Local Councils in the liberated areas in Syria.

The mission

  • Create a campaign name, slogan and logo
  • Create a series of visuals to be used offline and online
  • Define a social media strategy
  • Define a media plan & execution
  • Manage social media channels and content production (Facebook & YouTube)
  • Produce a series of videos for social media distribution
  • Produce a series of Radio spots aired on local media


  • We had to deal with a very sensitive topic, under strict rules of confidentiality
  • We needed to find a balance between emotion and energy/efficiency. We had to build positive content based on tragic situations.
  • We needed to create a comprehensive campaign from scratch: name of the campaign, slogan, logo, visual identity etc.
  • The social media rulers consider Syria a war zone, making it impossible for anyone to boost social media content towards Syria. We defined the regional scope of countries hosting the Syrian diaspora, to finally reach our target.
  • We had to create a series of 40 videos and a series of radio spots under extremely short deadlines and with limited footage.


  • Within 3 months, we managed to build a 100K-fan community on Facebook.
  • Syrians outside and inside Syria were offered the chance to explore the work and achievements of the Local Councils; and some of them decided to join the LC.