460 The Multimedia e-Store

460 The Multimedia e-Store

In order to support the launch of the new E-store 460 The Multimedia Store, a blog, as a first step, has been launched as a tool to build the brand awareness.

An Instagram-based promotional campaign focused on the blog, which allowed users to publish their photos and call for votes, helping the store build a base of more than 5k prospects.

The approach we adopted in creating the E-store is founded not only on adding innovative functions and tools, but also on a rich online and in-store experience.


  • Reinforce 460 The Multimedia e-Store image
  • Attract new prospects/ clients and help them explore 460 The Multimedia e-Store
  • Gain an informational ground in ICT products market
  • Unify the stock and clients database
  • Optimize the positioning and reinforce the site visibility during research deemed strategic
  • Increase a sustainable qualified traffic on the website


  • 460 The Multimedia e-Store takes lead in terms of an e-store specialized in ICT products sales
  • Enrich the client experience through a dynamic and interactive content
  • Provide new omnichannel functions “Click to Store”
  • Increase sales
  • Reinforce the brand image